Business Values

Business Values

solutions scale
to serve dynamic

The cloud-based
system connects
and can be
operated by
dispersed teams

Your content
is safe with us

Pay for the
resources you
use rather than
a complete

Start publishing
in hours rather
than weeks
since there is
no complicated

VIPE's five core business values not only cut traditional playout and delivery costs but also bolster our disruptive innovation. The optimized publishing platform allows us to be more than a conventional vendor and offer consultancy, or even take responsibility, for your cloud-based services.
  •  Scalability
Your company’s needs are flexible and so are our cloud-based solutions. Whether you need to increase or decrease your volume, output streams or graphics, within or across clouds, VIPE was architected to accommodate all that.
  •  Efficiency
  •  Efficiency
Our cloud-based services can be accessed from virtually any Internet connected device. This allows you to employ and link the right people anywhere in the world at any given time.
  •  Security
Major content owners and service providers entrust us with their media assets and data. Making sure their trust in us is well placed and that their information is secure in the public and private cloud is a key priority.
  •  Cost effective
  •  Cost effective
Why purchase equipment when it goes largely unused? With VIPE you only pay for the resources you actually use in the cloud, not for the complete infrastructure.
  •  Turnaround time
If your content is ready, your linear or non-linear broadcasting service could commence in a matter of hours. Engineering is no longer the bottleneck in deployment; channels can be rolled out as fast as the creatives can keep up with the pace of business development.

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