Key Elements

Key Elements

than real-time
from source to
rich RTX files

100% error free
transmission files
at incredible ease

Instant and
secured global
access at
your fingertips

Publish RTX
files to all
screens in a
single workflow

Lights out
not a dream
but reality

Every business vertical, has different requirements that are met by our powerful product values below. Within these product verticals, we differentiate along a variety of axes that tie back to cloud-based services.
  •  Pre-rendering
VIPE’s powerful and faster than real-time parallel processing engine will assemble content straight from your existing MAM/storage.
Driven by an imported traffic list, based on templates created in VIPE, the engine will assemble the material, graphics and ancillary data into compressed RTX files.
  •  Quality Control
  •  Quality Control
All trusted content is checked for availability, compatibility and corruption.
All RTX deliverables go through an automated Quality Control process where they are checked on black/freeze/audio.
An embedded player allows for an audiovisual check of your RTX deliverables, including the audio and subtitle tracks.
  •  Web Gui
Secure web access supports geographically dispersed specialists and negates the need for a centralized team.
User management provides access control and visibility of the various jobs in each workflow.
On top of that, you no longer have to deal with individual software installs or updates.
  •  Multiplatform
  •  Multiplatform
VIPE manages linear playout as well as online VOD/OTT delivery to any device, regardless of the transport or distribution system or the user interface. Our users have a flawless experience, integrated activity access and media services management and control. Whether you have a traditional HD/SD simulcast, an HLS or a multiple-CBR parallel delivery need, VIPE covers them all in a single workflow.
  •  Insight
Integrated monitoring gives you a cockpit view of the system’s health status.
The utilization level indicates if you can e.g. scale up your installation or perhaps need more computing power at certain times of day.
Our API supports integration with 3rd party products.

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