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VIPE is a virtualised solution, what does that mean?

It means that there is no fixed relation between number of streams that are published (in either linear, OTT or VOD) and the number of physical servers that are needed. It is all about using the right amount of processing power that fits your application.
This allows you to make your own decisions regarding the hardware you want to use. Of course BCNEXXT will assist in your assessment.

Can BCNEXXT help me use VIPE to replace my traditional integrated playout solution?

Yes, we have an experienced Professional Services team available that will help you out from system architecture to channel design implementation and channel deployment.

I don’t know yet if you want to use private or public cloud, or maybe a mix of both clouds. Can I change the setup as I go along?

VIPE is using floating licenses that can be moved across the installation at any given moment in time without any commercial penalty.

Our Professional Services team is available to advice you and to assist where needed.

I expect to scale my OTT project in different directions like linear playout and VOD. Do I need to prepare anything in VIPE upfront?

VIPE is extremely scalable in both volume as well as types of publishing nature. All licenses can be added at any stage. The only consideration for the future you should make is your choice of hardware. Especially for private cloud you may need to plan ahead.

If I want to use a public cloud like AWS, how do I go about?

Typically, VIPE is installed close to the content storage location to reduce overhead in data transportation. So, your first consideration should be about the storage location. Talking about AWS it would typically be S3 where your content is stored.

Based on the scale of your application you can then decide what instances are required.

BCNEXXT will advise free of charge if you like.


Is VIPE a software solution?

Yes, VIPE is software only and runs on COTS hardware either in the public or private cloud.

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