Virtual playout management becomes the new standard through COVID pandemic

BCNEXXT and Overon delivering reliable remote playout

OVERON (Mediapro Goup) and BCNEXXT are celebrating five successful years of providing global cloud playout services. However, it is in the past 18 months as the COVID pandemic raged, that the immense value, power and resilience of this robust virtual playout platform became apparent, as their 50+ services remotely maintained flawless playout operations.

For many 
Content owners and Networks, cloud playout still seems out of reach as it is either a remote but not very flexible multiyear commitment, or an expensive public cloud experiment.

However, after 5 years of operation and finetuning, the OVERON and BCNEXXT cloud native playout platform has shown to be 99.9999% reliable and exceptionally cost effective, using up to 10X less cloud resources than the nearest competitor. 

“Our passion is to offer the most cost effective and efficient solutions to our clients who are often grappling with complex environments, where multiple languages and access services are required. Add to that the effect of the pandemic and our cloud based, remotely controlled solution successfully kept our clients on-air, putting us well ahead of the industry in terms of experience.” says Pedro Llamas, VP Sales at OVERON.

“We took the opportunity to establish a long-term partnership with OVERON in which both parties have been working together to build a solution that delivers a complete playout service in the cloud, including live and complex graphics and at a global scale” adds Sander ten Dam, Managing Director at BCNEXXT.

Thanks to this microservices, cloud native modern approach, the virtual playout management tools include many innovative ways of reducing costs and improving operational flexibility and scalability without compromising quality and time to market.

OVERON’s inhouse Media Asset Management system is designed to manage media files and essences for specific playout needs such as automatic metadata generation, virtual segmentation, and quality control, among others. It also includes a Business Intelligence module to analyze media use statistics, audit aired advertising and continually scan and adjust the deployment of resources used.

Finally, BCNEXXT’s embedded orchestration layer can be adapted to any Media Network’s existing operational process and a cloud agnostic approach means it can be deployed in any hyperscale cloud, private infrastructure, or even a hybrid environment.

Control is via remote web browsers, which has proved invaluable during the pandemic, where many operators have been working remotely.

“Our complete migration to OVERON’s virtual playout channel management solution has revealed a powerful engine that has adapted to the way we work, not the other way around”, says Jorge de la Nuez, Head of Technology & Operations at Olympic Channel.

To make the transition easy for the client, the solution is offered as a true Playout as a Service where they can pay per use and scale up and down to their needs. In addition, OVERON and BCNEXXT have established a sandbox environment so that any Client can test their playout workflows before they commit.

Please contact us to discuss your playout requirements.


With more than a century of combined experience, we are based in Holland and have developed VIPE, a virtualized, native, cloud-based system for Linear, VoD and OTT  publishing from the same content pool ,that uses up to 10x less resources than the competition and provides 99.9999% uptime.

MEDIAPRO is a leading independent production group in the European audiovisual sector, offering content integration, production, and audiovisual distribution. It has 58 offices distributed across 36 countries on four continents. MEDIAPRO provides the creative and technical solutions necessary to design, produce, and distribute any audiovisual project.

OVERON is the technical division within MEDIAPRO that focuses on providing cloud-first services and solutions for any need related to audiovisual creation and distribution.

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