DPP awards BCNEXXT and Sky their Committed to Sustainability Mark

The DPP Committed to Sustainability programme is an industry leading scheme celebrating and promoting good practice in environmental sustainability, across the media industry.

BCNEXXT’s VIPE, virtualized, native, cloud-based publishing ecosystem for linear playout, online VOD and OTT is used to deliver multiple channels at Sky, who’s analysis found that the solution uses significantly less compute resources than other available systems on the market, both reducing Cost and Carbon Emissions.

“Our pre-assemble approach allows the system to maximize the utilization of available compute power. As a result, depending on the number of channels and the workflow, VIPE uses significantly less hardware than real-time systems which makes our solution much more environmentally friendly.” said Sander ten Dam, Managing Director, BCNEXXT.

About BCNEXXT: With more than a century of combined experience, we are based in Holland and have developed VIPE, a virtualized, native, cloud-based system for Linear, VoD and OTT publishing from the same content pool, that uses up to 10x less resources than the competition and provides 99.9999% uptime.