VIPE Media Management

VIPE includes a highly scalable Media Management service providing a simple and reliable automated supply chain with increased control and efficiency.

Complexity is reduced by managing primary and secondary media files and all aspects of the workflow from ingest, QC, Soft parting, subtitles/audio management to modifying asset data, with metadata being fully indexed and retrievable using elastic search.


BENEFITS of VIPE Media Management

High Availability: VIPE supports a multiple Availability Zone architecture

Flexibility: Particular services can be spun up and down to meet workload demands

Infrastructure agnostic: Private and Public Cloud, as well as hybrid cloud environments

Web based operation: All configuration and engineering user interfaces are browser based


  • Manual and automated file-based ingest

  • Multi-codec ingest

  • Manual and automated quality check

  • Metadata management

  • Markup Workflow (soft-parting)

  • Browse copy generation

  • Secondary essence management

  • Subtitle and Audio track workflow

  • Elastic Search

  • EBU R128 loudness analyses

  • Freeze check

  • Audio check

  • Database Uses modern clustered database and messaging services


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