VIPE Linear Publishing


VIPE LINEAR encompasses all VIPE micro services apart from VIPE VOD and VIPE MAM.

VIPE LINEAR is one of VIPE’s publishing options.

Pre-rendered files are stitched together to define a continuous output stream in either SDI or IP for traditional playout. 

In parallel, OTT deliveries for online consumption can be activated.



  • Automated rich content creation
  • Minimal onair issues due to integrated quality control features
  • Low risk in real-time domain due to pre-render concept
  • High density of channels due to compressed output concept
  • Combination of SDI, IP and OTT delivery in parallel
  • Any Infrastructure Private and Public Cloud, as well as hybrid cloud environments
  • Web UIs Operation, configuration and engineering UIs are all web browser based
  • Integration with VIPE VOD


  • PAL/NTSC support
  • Unlimited high quality branding and graphics
  • Main/Backup playout
  • Simulcast/Manycast
  • Complex audio management
  • Branding of live input
  • HLS and MPEG-DASH export
  • Multilingual Audio and Subtitle workflow
  • In-vision, DVB and Teletext subtitle support
  • Aspect ratio conversion (ARC)
  • Integrated QC player to check individual events
  • Integrated QC channel for fast QC schedule workflow
  • Intelligent content validation workflow
  • Traditional workflow support for late arrivals and onair edits
  • Support for playback of growing files
  • NTP/PTP time code synchronization
  • Integration with existing infrastructure (traffic and storage)
  • Web based control apps throughout the system
  • Multi task rendering, serving a range of possibilities, from linear playout to OTT and VOD
  • Single workflow serving all needs
  • Cloud native (Docker format supporting AWS)
  • Efficient re-use content workflow to minimize compute cost



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