Solving the Business of Playout

Solving the Business of Playout

  • Reduced costs through maximum efficiency
    • Up to 60% lower costs through intelligent process management*
  • Increased financial flexibility
    • Pay as you go plans, SaaS models
  • Increased operational flexibility and scalability
    • Linear, including live, OTT and VoD played out from a common content pool
    • Channels can be turned on in minutes
  • Highest reliability in the market
    • 99,9999% Uptime*

*Verified by independent analysis performed for a Customer

VIPE reduces Silos

VIPE is a virtualized, native cloud based publishing ecosystem for linear playout, online VOD and OTT delivery to any device, regardless of the transport or distribution system.

All types of content 
delivery are supported within a single workflow, from the same content pool.


Current business dynamics

  • Lots of expensive but inefficient ‘traditional’ capacity
  • Silos for each type of publishing
  • Demand increasing / budgets falling
  • Current providers reducing pricing, how low can they go?
  • Difficult to justify investment
  • Linear playout rapidly becomes expensive in the cloud
  • Labor arbitrage cannot offset the falling price points
  • Playout is a risky busines to be in!

=> Unprofitable, or too much spent on playout

VIPE business dynamics

  • The most efficient system on the market today
  • Single solution serves all requirements
  • Meet the pricing requirements profitability
  • Lower cost than current Capital and Staff payments
  • ‘Pay as you use’ as you transition
  • Intelligent assemble-ahead reduces resources up to 10x
  • Channels can be managed from a web browser anywhere
  • Minimize commercial risk

=> Return playout to a profitable business

VIPE BENEFITS: VIPE Intelligent Process Efficiency

Traditional Playout Systems

Lower QoS and higher TCO

  • Everything is created in real-time
  • QC process is often real time & fraught
  • Late arriving content can create issues
  • Resources are built to peak demand
  • Playout server assembles final content
  • Streams are encoded post playout
  • High manual involvement

VIPE Intelligent Process Efficiency

Higher QoS and lower TCO

  • Content is assembled ahead
  • Integrated QC identifies problems early
  • Fix QA issues long before you are on air
  • Minimizes resource usage
  • A flat file is played out
  • Streams are created in the playout format
  • Management by exception or alarm


VIPE manages linear playout, online VOD and OTT delivery to any device, regardless of the transport or distribution system and traditional 4K/HD simulcast, HLS or DASH delivery are all supported in a single workflow.

VIPE’s powerful and faster than real-time parallel processing engine will assemble content straight from your existing MAM/storage location.

Driven by an imported traffic list and based on templates the engine will assemble the material, graphics and ancillary data into compressed transmission format files.
The VIPE platform uses containerized micro-services and 3rd party outbound services, carefully managed through a centralized orchestration layer

The orchestration layer levels the work load over the time available,  minimizing resources and utilizing lowest cost compute power making the system super-efficient.

All transmission deliverables go through an automated Quality Control process where it is checked for availability, compatibility and corruption (see QC Process) and an embedded player enables the user to perform a manual check, including the audio and subtitle tracks.

Secure web access supports geographically dispersed specialists and negates the need for a centralized team and user management provides access control and visibility of the various jobs in each workflow. All software installs or updates are managed from a central location.

The integrated Dashboard provides an elegant multichannel “monitor-by-exception” workflow and a cockpit view of the VIPE installation.



Our pre-assemble approach allows the system to maximize the utilization of the hardware’s compute power. As a result, depending on the number of channels and the workflow, VIPE can do with up to 55% less hardware than real-time systems which makes the product much more environmentally friendly.


Google Cloud
 Microsoft Azure


SRT Alliance

Solving the business of Playout

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