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Liberate your playout

Picture yourself maximizing efficiency, while minimizing the use of resources and then infinitely scale to meet your needs. This sense of freedom would enable your company to take a giant cloud-based leap forward. This way, you reduce complexity, cost, and increase reliability. With 99.9999% uptime, this is all about creating opportunity.

FAQ on the Business of Playout
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Simplify the complex

What if your company could act with greater agility—set up new services with pace, professionalism, and reliability. It would propel you towards new opportunities, create a feeling of dynamism, and set you apart from the old way of working. If you constantly seek to improve your offering, while acting as a catalyst for innovation, this future-facing mindset will help advance your business.

FAQ on hosting Vipe in the cloud

Operate complex playout channels at any time, from anywhere

With years of industry experience, we’re focused on ease of use, automation and building a more intuitive interface to provide multiple publishing formats from one common content pool. Vipe reduces the complexity, removes operational silos, and cuts costs. Quite simply, we liberate your broadcast business from your legacy infrastructure and operations.

FAQ on operating Vipe

A century of combined experience

An experienced team of broadcast technology makers and mavericks, ready to help solve your playout business issues.

Playout simplified

Dedicated to simplifying the overcomplicated playout business and operations. Experienced specialists. Seriously agile.

99.9999% uptime

Peace of mind comes with reliability - as verified by independent analysts.

Pay as you go

Increase financial flexibility with our PaaS model, pay as you go plan. Say goodbye Capex. Hello Opex.

Cutting costs

By pre-assembling your playout schedules you can reduce the cost of ownership (TCO).

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