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Vipe Solutions

Linear playout for traditional TV

Vipe pre-assembles files, then converts them to create a continuous output stream—and all in a compressed delivery format for traditional playout. This provides 99.9999% reliable playout from a flat, pre-assembled, pre-checked and pre-converted file.

With costs reduced by up to 60% compared with the competitors, all your services can be played out from one common content pool.

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This is all about simplifying to speed up the deployment of fully automated, free-advertising-supported-TV channels. These workflows with pay-as-you-use business models can be quickly and easily deployed. It’s what makes Vipe the go to system for the rapid deployment of FAST channels. With easy to use and user interfaces, it reduces the operator to channel ratio and enables you to quickly deploy FAST channels without the upfront costs.

99.9999% reliable playout

With speed comes greater efficiency, enabling more compelling channels to be built at a lower cost. Whether it’s hosted on a private, public, or hybrid cloud environments, we can work with any Infrastructure. Now the content owners are free to create their own channels, reduce costs, and increase content control. Besides which, Vipes intuitive interface allows for the streams to be rich with graphics.

Personalized TV and Streaming

Our technology streamlines the process of assembling and creating content for linear broadcasting and streaming, ensuring unparalleled reliability and reducing costs by up to 60%. It supports diverse, cost-effective channel creation across different environments, giving content creators more control and flexibility. This shift towards tailored content significantly boosts viewer engagement and satisfaction.

Automated rich content creation

By creating high visibility for any missing material with an integrated quality control and video player, Vipe can operate across any Infrastructure. Now you can create personalized channels and repurpose existing archives to create whole new revenue streams of your own.

VOD publishing

Vipe simplifies on-demand content by allowing the same assets, workflows, and scheduling systems to be used for both linear playout, file creation, and streaming. By rendering content faster than real-time, we can ensure that VOD schedules can be quickly converted into multi format deliverables while saving on cost.