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Our Approach

Delivering your content with speed.

Regardless of the transport or distribution system, Vipe can manage linear playout, online VOD, and OTT delivery towards any device. It means all your content can be delivered in a single workflow from the same UI. This means our parallel processing engine can assemble content straight from your existing storage location—with a faster than real-time process. This engine brings together the material and graphics and places any ancillary data into compressed transmission format files.

This is all about simplifying to speed up the deployment of fully automated, free-advertising-supported-TV channels. These workflows with pay-as-you-use business models can be quickly and easily deployed. It’s what makes Vipe the go to system for the rapid deployment of FAST channels. With easy to use and user interfaces, it reduces the operator to channel ratio and enables you to quickly deploy FAST channels without the upfront costs.

We orchestrate

Our platform uses containerized micro-services and 3rd party outbound services, carefully managing them through a centralized orchestration layer. This in turn levels the workload, minimizes the resources, and uses lower processing power to save on cost and create greater efficiencies.

We monitor things with excellence in mind

Our multichannel error indicators enable you to fix the issues as they arise. Now you can keep a monitor by exception workflow, rather than intensely having to view the content in a real-time domain.

We automate

All your deliverables go through an automated quality control process to check for availability, compatibility, and corruption. And with an embedded player you can perform manual checks, including audio and subtitles.

We move with speed

Vipe automates the validation process for schedules, creative designs, and content within its scheduled workflow. Due to Vipes unique assemble an QC ahead workflow, this means you can navigate to detailed information to solve tomorrow’s problems today.

We support

Our secure web access support specialists remove the need for a centralized team to provide access, control, and visibility across each workflow. This way, all software updates can be managed from a central location, with a carefully designed cockpit view of the installation.

Live workflows

Live feeds are spliced into the file-based playout process. Switching between multiple lives and pre-rendered clips can therefore be done seamless. With Incoming feeds decoded and branded, they can be encoded again according to the channel delivery settings.

 We create efficiency

Our multichannel operations has seen us excel in managing large volumes of channels, by creating operational efficiencies across multiple channels. The larger the volume, the higher the efficiency with resources. And by monitoring this, the higher the channel to operator ratio.

Vipe HTML5 graphics

Whether working with complex graphics or basic designs, these can be fulfilled within our native workflow. For more complex graphics Vipe supports a unique native Adobe After Effects workflow that can be accessed through our plugin. Both are included in the base software.

Previewing within the Vipe workflow.

Vipe also offers a preview capability to ensure the playout will be exactly as designed:

Offline creative compositing

Supporting creative compositing, the Vipe AE plugin is kept in the After Effects environment. Local content is used for previewing.

Technical Channel Designing

Supporting technical channel design, the preview has no impact on playout and can be managed in a single workflow. Real content in Vipe is used for functional design

Playout Operations

Supporting operations, since every file base event is pre-assembled, the real delivery assets can be previewed at any time. Scheduled content and metadata is used for playout.

Vipe functionalities at a glance.


The center piece for multi-channel operations is the monitor by exception view in the Dashboard. Content and schedule related errors, flagged by the system, are indicated in this high-level view. Operators are offered an elegant way to navigate to any issue of any channel at any given time.

Playout Control

Vipe Playout Control allows for a traditional view on vertical playlists and horizontal timelines. Events, including metadata, can be edited and played manually from here. Playlist scan also be imported and activated manually from here.

Assembly Queue

This view gives an insight on the different stages of the assembly process (validation, queue, assembly). The queue is sorted based on delivery time of any asset across all the channels within the installation.

Quality Control

Any assembled event is ready for distribution and can also be previewed in the Quality Control view. The player shows all the data that was assembled, from A/V bitrate to audio and subtitle tracks.

Channel Design

Designer allows for a translation of a creative design into a functional design. This is where native After Effects timelines, including keyframes, are imported and linked to event types and metadata from the schedule.