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Transform Your Media Business - the Playbook

Ignite your media transformation with our latest playbook: “Transform Your Media Business Through Efficient Content Delivery". This thought leadership piece is brimming with practical tools and insights to help you navigate the ever-evolving media landscape.

  • Discover how to overcome challenges of distribution costs and operational complexity with our innovative solutions.
  • Learn how our game-changing technology Vipe can minimize resource usage by up to 75%, significantly reducing your operation costs.
  • Uncover practical examples of how our technology can be applied, leading to increased agility, financial flexibility, and substantial cost savings.

Seize the opportunity to transform your media business and maintain your competitive edge in the industry. Kickstart your journey to efficient content delivery with Vipe.


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Configurable resources at your fingertips

Vipe is a cloud native, software-only solution that can be deployed in public and private clouds. It can be applied on site, through COTS hardware, or with a hybrid model across all three deployment options.

Your installation, tailored around your required workflow. No matter which type of deployment, Vipe is highly scalable, with multiple processing engines that act as one entity to scale up or down according to the actual workload.

At Source

With source files provided by a central location, Vipe uses intermediate storage that sits between the render and playout engines. This intermediate storage is shared across all the playout channels—separate networks for control, data and broadcast should be applied accordingly.

Vipe maintains a secure, RESTful web service which uses API-KEY for authorization. For your system health status, functional data, and available API calls, this means you can always contact us for the latest status.

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Frequently asked questions

The Business of Playout

Can Vipe replace my traditional integrated playout solution?

Yes, Vipe can replace almost every playout application. Start by talking to our experienced professional services team who will help design the system architecture required to meet your needs.

Does Vipe installation scale?

Yes, from a single to an unlimited number, the quantity on a single server is dependent upon the complexity of the channel.

What about live, is that supported by Vipe?

Vipe supports up to multiple live feeds per channel including graphics. Switching between them and other file-based events is seamless.

Can I buy my own hardware?

Yes, from a single to an unlimited number, the quantity on a single server is dependent upon the complexity of the channel.

My OTT project goes in different directions like linear playout and VOD, how does Vipe support this?

Vipe is extremely scalable in both volume of content and types of publishing. Your only consideration is how you choose to host.

Is training available?

Yes, contact our sales team for details

Do I have to purchase a Main and Backup playout license separately?

No, a Vipe main playout channel always comes with a backup channel included

Is Vipe suitable for OTT and VOD?

Yes, Vipe supports HLS streams and manifest files containing metadata for downstream processing


Should I host my playout or use private or public cloud, or maybe a mix of all three and can I change as I go along?

Vipe uses floating licenses that can be moved between installs without penalty, our PS team can determine the resources you require.

What is a virtualised solution?

There is no fixed relationship between number of Linear, OTT or VOD channels and the servers needed, the application automatically scales to meet demand

Is Vipe only suitable for the cloud?

Although Vipe is fully cloud native and architected to operate in a virtual environment, it can be just as easily hosted in your private cloud or on premises.

Is Vipe a software solution?

Yes, Vipe runs on COTS hardware either on-premises or in the public or private clouds.

What kind of storage can I use?

Numerous storage types are supported - in AWS, S3 is typically used. In the private cloud a NAS is common. Our PS team will advise you based on your requirements and any existing infrastructure.


Does Vipe support simulcast?

Yes, simulcast is just another stream that can be published from the same playlist in parallel

What kind of subtitles are supported?

Vipe supports DVB, Teletext (OP47), SCTE27, CEA 608/708 and Invision subtitles

Does Vipe support playback of growing files?

Yes, as soon as a few frames have been cached, playout can start and will gain on the schedule

Is dynamic audio mapping supported?

Yes. There are different ways to do this, so our PS team will advise the best way for your workflows.

Can I have multiple output streams from the same playlist?

Yes, a single workflow can produce multiple streams of varying bitrate, resolution, audio/subtitle mapping or PID configuration in parallel.

How does Vipe handle late content availability and quality control?

Content is automatically checked for availability, compatibility and corruption and after assembly the files are checked for black / freeze / audio.

Issues are presented on an exception basis, so a single person can easily overview multiple channels, then an embedded rich media player allows for visual checking of the content, including all audio and subtitle tracks.

What kind of schedules does Vipe accept?

Vipe accepts schedules from all major traffic vendors.

Can I make last minute changes to the playlist?

Yes, events can be changed up to a few minutes before they are published.

Does Vipe support user management?

Yes, user management allows for controlled access to parts of the system and selections of the channels and/or destinations.

How are software updates managed?

Updates are managed centrally and there is a traditional backup scenario for controlled deployment.

Vipe pre-assembles content, how can I be sure it will be fast enough?

Our PS team will advise how much compute power is required for your workflow.

Can Vipe produce a compressed output stream?

Yes, the output stream is compressed and can be specified from the web GUI

Can Vipe handle DVE’s?

Yes, Vipe is HTML5 based and supports all HTML5 effects.

Can Vipe handle Arcing?

Yes, by applying business rules in combination with HTML5 scaling effects any ARC requirement can be met.

Does Vipe scale my content?

Yes, by applying business rules with HTML5 scaling effects any requirement can be met.

Is my content secured in Vipe?

Yes, source content is not copied from its original location and the rendered content is encrypted.

What kind of content does Vipe accept?

Vipe accepts most codecs. Please contact our sales team for a full list.

Is edge playout possible with Vipe?

Yes, Vipes playout engines operate independently from all other engines and pull content from a central storage location.

How many graphics can Vipe manage?

It is virtually unlimited, the render speed may vary depending on the amount of graphics that need to be rendered at a specific time

What level of monitoring does Vipe offer?

Vipe offers comprehensive monitoring of the health of the complete system as well as individual publishing streams

Can I change an event that is already on-air?

Yes, the GUI enables changes, re-rendering and publishing of the on air event without a glitch.

Does Vipe support OPT-OUT playout channels?

Yes, Vipe has a unique way of linking parent/child playout channels in an efficient way.

Does Vipe support delay channels?

Yes, any Vipe output can be delayed.