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About us

This is where having clearly defined values makes a difference.

This is all about going the extra mile, working harder, and outperforming our competitors to ensure complete satisfaction for our customers. If we can’t deliver according to your needs, we will always clarify this with you up front. Working with Vipe means we take full responsibility for the outcome.

Business agility enabler

Vipe provides maximum flexibility and scalability according to your business needs. We will always provide a way to accommodate your business requirements—whether you wish to increase or decrease your volume, your output streams, or your graphics. We can help you quickly and efficiently develop your business.

People first

Our cloud-based services can be accessed from any internet connected device. This enables you to employ the right people and resources from anywhere in the world and at any given time without the costly travel.

Environmentally responsible

Our sophisticated management software maximizes the utilization of the hardware’s compute power, which uses less than half the hardware compared to real-time systems. This makes working with Vipe environmentally friendly and more cost effective to run.

Securing your content

With major content owners and service providers who already entrust us with their media assets and data, making sure that their assembled content is kept secure in the public and private cloud is our key priority.

Meet the Vipe team

With more than a century of combined experience, we’re committed to helping enhance your playout success.

Matthijs de Vries

Managing Director Technology

Matthijs is responsible for research, development, and operations to provide creative and innovative products with an incredibly smart team. They create the architecture and build ground-breaking video publishing solutions to empower the world of Broadcast. Their mission: to constantly push the limits of what technology can do. To create reliable, resilient, and scalable optimized publishing systems.

Sander ten Dam

Managing Director Sales & Marketing

Sander advocates the Vipe business
and product values, with a keen eye on specific requirements from clients. He takes full ownership of sales, marketing, and product development programs, targeting both existing and new markets. By supporting customers with any procurement processes, he is able make the best recommendation for each opportunity and challenge that comes his way.

Harold Vermeulen

Strategic Business

As a strategic investor, Harold always seeks opportunities other than his own. Having his own entrepreneurial experience with PubliTronic which is now sold to Grass Valley, it puts him in the position to helping in the decision-making process of investing in opportunities. Harold can foresee the commitment, belief, and work required for a business to succeed.